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Free Talent Strategies Virtual Event: Leadership for a Changing World

Nov 07, 2012

Leadership for a Changing World

A virtual Talent Strategies keynote featuring Linda D. Sharkey, Ph.D.

Create leaders who can transcend borders

Human Synergistics and AchieveBlue invite you to attend a virtual event that they are sponsoring for Human Capital Media: Leadership for a Changing World.

The new global economy is here to stay, and organizations in all parts of the world need leaders who can integrate effectively across countries, cultures and geographies. But in order to find and develop these strong global leaders, organizations need to know more about the characteristics necessary to be effective in the global arena. Dr. Sharkey and her colleagues, including Human Synergistics CEO Dr. Robert A. Cooke, have dedicated themselves to creating a framework for identifying and strengthening the global capacity of leaders. Leadership for a Changing World will present key takeaways from the new book, Winning with Transglobal Leadership. Click here to register now!'

Meet the global leadership challenge head-on

Given that previous attempts to define characteristics of effective global leaders have been ad hoc or based on local models, Drs. Sharkey and Cooke and their colleagues, Dr. Nazneen Razi and Peter Barge, dedicated themselves to years of international research to identify the factors that set strong global leaders apart from more local leaders. The findings are presented in their new book, Winning with Transglobal Leadership. The book features a complimentary survey developed by Dr. Cooke, a valuable tool for assessing your own global capability. 

Join us for Dr. Sharkey's keynote to hear about the Transglobal Leadership research results, learn about the behaviors that make a leader truly global, and gain insights critical to finding and developing top global talent.   

This keynote will:

  • Present the five behavioral dimensions that are essential for global leadership
  • Provide guidance on measuring and evaluating your organization's capacity to compete in the global arena
  • Discuss the "Transglobal Leadership Matrix," a tool for taking stock of your own skills and behaviors and those of other leaders in your organization
  • Introduce you to a complimentary survey that measures the five critical global leadership behaviors

At a recent World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, numerous CEOs in attendance cited a growing need for talent that could function successfully in new and emerging global markets. Clearly, Transglobal Leadership is vital to an organization's sustainability and growth. Is your organization ready? Register for this free virtual event to find out!