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Ultimate Culture Webinar - What are your Blind Spots? with Jim Haudan and Rich Berens

Root Inc Chairman, Jim Haudan, and CEO and Chief Client Fanatic, Rich Berens, reveal the five most common blind spots that thwart leaders and their organizations from attaining higher levels of member engagement and creating real and meaningful strategic and culture change. They outline how to create a thriving organization by focusing on purpose over profits and motivate employees at every level.

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Linking Organizational Culture to Traditional Business Measures of Success

SHAPE saw their customer satisfaction levels increase markedly and financial performance steadily improve as their culture progressively became more constructive.

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The Missing C in C-Suite = Culture

Marti Wronski, General Counsel and SVP with the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club, shares: “Successful transformation happens when the majority of people in the company have aligned beliefs and when proper leadership mindsets fuel consistent action.”

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People First—Culture Transformation at OSK

Angie Zeigler, Vice President of Talent Management at Oshkosh, on the importance of syncing leader and manager development with efforts to understand and evolve the overall culture.

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Ultimate Culture Webinar - Tapping Into 15 Years of Changing Organizational Cultures Across the Globe

Silke Zanker and Ricardo Gil from Axialent discuss myths surrounding culture and strategies for change based on 15 years of global culture transformation and their partnership with Human Synergistics.

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Shift Your Culture & Accelerate Performance: A How-To Webinar

The distinguishing feature of world-class organizations is their culture—and developing Constructive leaders and teams is essential to strengthening any organization's culture for business success. This webinar ties in with our Culture Quick-Start Program to help you quantify and connect culture to your top priorities.

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Human Synergistics partners with Root Inc. to create The Culture Journey Learning Map® Experience

Human Synergistics and Root Inc. have collaborated to offer The Culture Journey Learning Map® Experience. This new learning approach prepares leaders and change agents to understand and manage the complexities of culture, leadership, and their connection to performance in an accelerated environment.

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Webinar: Team Effectiveness—How to Utilize the Group Styles Inventory™

This webinar provides an overview of the Group Styles Inventory™ (GSI) as well as the GSI Circumplex. We share practical applications for enhancing your change efforts with the GSI, whether for cultural change, individual and leader development, and/or team building purposes.

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The Role of Culture in Large-Scale Change

Bill Parsons, Partner and Executive Vice President of Senn Delaney, a Heidrick & Struggles company, presents at Human Synergistics' 2nd Annual Ultimate Culture Conference.

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